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At one time or another, everyone needs a helping hand, and advice and guidance from an empathetic person is often very reassuring. Written from experience, our lifestyle advice guide is released on a monthly basis, with each edition providing excellent information on a different aspect of your life, helping you to make the most of every day. We are very aware that nowadays not only the youngest generation is looking for their place in the world.  With our guide, everyone - whether you are 13 or 53 years old, you will be able to find yourself and build a better future - together.

In some situations it is absolutely crucial to receive impartial and unbiased advice, and that is exactly what you will find in Ego Revolution’s self-help guide. Alongside lifestyle improvements & lessons learned from experience, the advice given in the guide is perfect to deal with many aspects of your life. With chapters being released every month, the guide covers various topics, and is written by our experienced company owner. The teachings and advise given in the guide providing a stable base for you to propel yourself towards bigger and better things.

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Ego and Responsibility


In the first chapter we will find out the secrets – perhaps – the biggest issues of our

time, our ego and being a responsible person. Once we are ready, we will have a

deeper understanding how this is actually affecting our life now and later.

Issue I’m saying, yes. Our ego can prove to be quite an obstacle without having proper

control over it. And we need to become a person who is balanced; this is our very first

step on the road ahead.

Tech and Human Values: Evolution


Drifting away from being human

For some reason the interactions between each other-like chatting, are going out of fashion.

Facts vs Theories

As from the very beginning, even now I’d like to endeavor you to remain objective

Echoes of the future

Let’s say we are not achieving the things mentioned just before. As far as I can



What is confidence?

Confidence, in general, is attitude. Being sure in something we can do. Of course, we can always choose to do, or not

How is our confidence building up?

Might not coming as a surprise, but our confidence is starting to build up in childhood, when we first starting to experience

Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

Self-confidence and self-esteem are working in pair, in synergy. Louise L. Hay described and
referred them the best way, perhaps.