Greetings Dear Visitor,
My name is Zoltan Horvath.

I am the writer of the lifestyle improving guide, the online book called Ego Revolution.
The idea behind Ego Revolution is to help everyone, who would like to bring out the best from themselves. I truly wish to do that, since I learned the hard way all the knowledge written down.  But once a time has to come, when everyone needs to accept what they can do the best; and how to make that quality useful.  Ego Revolution can help with becoming a true master of our own lives.  We are going to improve our understanding about the trinity of Mind, Body and Soul; resulting in re-defining of our reality.  For better understanding, this guide is divided to the above main parts, each covering three chapters in them.

Allow me to present a quick rundown about myself.

I am 35 years old, was born in Hungary.  By degrees I have a profession of Carpenter, Bachelor’s Degree in Informatics Engineering, Diploma in Project Management, for a while I was also practicing Network Marketing.  I also have a very good affinity for Mechanical Engineering as well.  So, quite a lot of things instead of orientating to a single task like most people do.  In general, I consider myself a happy person.  I’m not saying that I always had the best jobs and the happiest relationships, but can’t complain.  My first workplace was for a minimal wage. The last workplace back in Hungary was a pretty decent job after all, almost Germany level salary, convenient life, sure position.  Numerous people are close to me but only a few real close.  I have also experienced true love – which I messed up, like a pro.  But hey, I wasn’t ready.  That’s on me, sorry my Dear.  She became a psychologist since then; probably has a nice diagnosis about me now.   Anyway,  maybe one day my love will read these guides; who knows?
Back to me, what more could one ask for? Well… your own way, please?
I think, these all added something to the person that I am today.  But, right in the beginning I would like to state: the guide was made for everyone.  I’m sure that everyone has their story though.  Everyone has their lessons to learn. For that end I will stay objective.

I have come to the United Kingdom last year summer, 2015.  Kindest gratitude to everybody I know here, for all the opportunities I had and have now. Even for the lessons.  I mean it.  My original idea always was to do an own business with the best skills I have – to make the best out of life. That is a perfectly normal plan, I guess.  There was a catch, however: I had no idea what would / could that be! Having past experiences, the idea was to do something I never did before; but what?

I exactly know that a lot of people are asking this question from themselves every day.  And the answer is: I’m ok at my workplace now, I will do something later.  No idea what, something. No idea when, later. Unfortunately, these plans are almost never can happen. Why? Because we have no idea what we are capable to do in the first place.  Ego Revolution can help with this, and many other things, too.

On the journey there will be a lot of burdens we need to put down. I’m thinking about expectations, low self-esteem, and fears.  Not the same for everyone.  But, in the end I think you will be satisfied.  There’s no need to worry, whatever happens I’m on your side.  Personally speaking I’m really glad you are here, now.