Our Mission


We, at Ego Revolution, believe that each and every individual can be and would like to be a better person. Since this is a natural progress in Life, everybody gets there. But, what if we choose to decide to urge this progression? What if we don’t like that the very essence of Humanity is vanishing from modern society nowadays?

A lot of education materials are present, that are aiming to provide quick and effective solutions. The guide we offer is unique from a numerous point of views:

– We build to the free will. No bondages, no roles: only your decisions.

– Starting from the very basics, that every individual could be interested in.

– Yes, we do discuss how to get the most popular things like: Sex, Money, Power.

– We discuss what the important things that really matter are.

– The language is honest and direct, focusing to real progression.

– Purely written from experience, to help you standing on the shoulders of giants – again.

– Totally unique build and structure, as its internet only. To provide the quickest reachability all around the world.

The internet only access is providing the chance to everyone, to find this guide worldwide. Our mission to spread this message to every single Human on this planet.