We, at Ego Revolution, firmly believe that the values taught with this guide can bring changes even on a global level. Therefore, we would like to hear from you, we would like to know your feedbacks, and ideas about the products.

Since we do believe in the free will and if the feedbacks are positive, Ego Revolution can advance to the next level – by start working as a movement.

We think there are a lot of people in the World who would like to participate in an actively growing, responsible society – let that be on the managing or counselling levels, or simply enjoying it. We do know that everyone has a skill that is far superior to others. Let’s bring out these abilities, to build a better future. Your abilities provide the option to find your place – and to grow even further.

Humanity is starting to undertake responsibility on a Global level; with accepting the contamination of the Oceans, for instance. This is just the beginning, and it’s certainly a good direction of events. Making this common, however, with the kind of thinking that Ego Revolution spreads, we can step to an even higher level together.

Join the Revolution!