This is a free file, providing an overlook about what the whole guide is about.


Chapter 1: Ego and Responsibility

Clarifying basic questions about ourselves, our motives in Life, Responsibility.


Chapter 2: Tech and Human Values: Evolution

Discussing where we are now in technology. What are our options for the future?


Chapter 3: Confidence

Discussing self-confidence and self-esteem. What really makes us confident?


Chapter 4: The Way of the Body

About our physical Body: sicknesses, diets, addictions, disabilities.


Chapter 5: Money, Work, Power

About money, everyday affections to our Life. What is the best to do for living?


Chapter 6: Relationships

About Family, Love, Friendships, connections to others.


Chapter 7: The Way of the Soul

Who are we, really?


Chapter 8: Goals in Life

The next level about being Human.


Chapter 9: In the End only Love matters

Cordial Love at its best.


Chapter 10: Revolution

The end of the Journey and a new Beginning.