Why not skip

Why am I not able to skip chapters when I’m trying to buy? Is it possible to skip chapters?

It is not beneficial to skip chapters, because each and every chapter is attached to the others. Perhaps the Reader would think they know everything about the discussed subject; yet my personal advice is try to learn seeing things from another perspective. My unique perspective can open new horizons, so I would encourage the Reader to use all the guides to bring out the most of them. Since the chapters are connected to each other, they are benefiting from a deepening understanding with every subject and practices mastered. Skipping a part would weaken this chain. I personally not recommend to skip any chapters at all.
I would also strongly recommend to wait at least one month between the purchasing of the chapters. The guide is not just a theoretical / philosophical point of view; it’s far more than that. It’s full with experiences and practical advises. Therefore, one needs to give enough time to understand and practice the methods written.
If a Reader would like to skip a chapter regardless, they can do of course; just simply let us know via email.