An episodic lifestyle guide written from pure experience

Experience is one of the most valuable intangibles that a person can possess, with the knowledge built up informing every decision that you make. At Ego Revolution, we believe that experience should be passed on, yet we do encourage to tailor them to our needs. We believe in the individual, the progress, we believe in you. We believe that personal experiences help more than following any kind of roles. The reader is continuously endeavoured to make actions and decisions.

Progression with every Chapter

To ensure learning progress, the Ego Revolution lifestyle guide is split into 10 readable sections. The guide is covering every important area in Life, with practical advises, and progressive, deepening knowledge. Costs Ł10 per chapter, the guide is sure to make a big difference without breaking the bank. The reader is free to decide, when they would like to purchase the next Chapter – since they’re all connected. Because of this connection: it’s not beneficial to skip any of them, but to complete them, one after another. Progression it is.

I dare you to finish Ego Revolution!

Covering every areas of Life

From easy to hard, the reader learns how to take responsibility, how to get confidence, how to integrate the knowledge to family, friends, and society. By offering working solutions to everyday problems, like self-confidence or relationship issues, or getting rich while staying happy with our lives- our guide is really a unique one. If you have grown tired of motivation books which can’t say how to actually achieve results, have a try with us.


We, at Ego Revolution, believe that each and every individual can be and would like to be a better person. Since this is a natural progress in Life, everybody gets there. But, what if we choose to decide to urge this progression? What if we don’t like that the very essence of Humanity is vanishing from modern society nowadays?

A lot of education materials are present, that are aiming to provide quick and effective solutions. The guide we offer is unique from a numerous point of views:

– We build to the free will. No bondages, no roles: only your decisions.

– Starting from the very basics, that every individual could be interested in.

– Yes, we do discuss how to get the most popular things like: Sex, Money, Power.

– We discuss what the important things that really matter are.

– The language is honest and direct, focusing to real progression.

– Purely written from experience, to help you standing on the shoulders of giants – again.

– Totally unique build and structure, as its internet only. To provide the quickest reachability all around the world.

The internet only access is providing the chance to everyone, to find this guide worldwide. Our mission to spread this message to every single Human on this planet.


We, at Ego Revolution, firmly believe that the values taught with this guide can bring changes even on a global level. Therefore, we would like to hear from you, we would like to know your feedbacks, and ideas about the products.

Since we do believe in the free will and if the feedbacks are positive, Ego Revolution can advance to the next level – by start working as a movement.

We think there are a lot of people in the World who would like to participate in an actively growing, responsible society – let that be on the managing or counselling levels, or simply enjoying it. We do know that everyone has a skill that is far superior to others. Let’s bring out these abilities, to build a better future. Your abilities provide the option to find your place – and to grow even further.

Humanity is starting to undertake responsibility on a Global level; with accepting the contamination of the Oceans, for instance. This is just the beginning, and it’s certainly a good direction of events. Making this common, however, with the kind of thinking that Ego Revolution spreads, we can step to an even higher level together.

Join the Revolution!